Mind and job accommodation

In this material, job accommodation refers to adapting work to fit a person’s work ability. There are many terms related to adapting work and work tasks, such as job accommodation, lightening of work and modified work. Job accommodation can be used when an employee’s work ability has been threatened due to a mental health disorder or milder symptoms.
Mieli ja työn muokkaus -verkkokurssin kuvituskuva.

In this online material, job accommodation refers to measures for adapting work to fit a person’s work ability. Job accommodation can mean small changes made by the employee personally or with the support of the employer, and they can also be related to rehabilitation measures.

You will learn to use job accommodation to support mental health and psychological capacity. The material also helps in considering the means used in the workplace for maintaining and developing work ability in situations where it is affected by mental health disorders.

Job accommodation is part of workplace management structures, meaning the way work processes are planned and implemented. It is not a separate part of other activities or a tool that is only used when problems occur.

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