Communicating about job accommodation in the organization

Work arrangement can affect the employee's team, work community or even the entire organization, in one way or another. Systematic communication regarding work arrangement can help the entire organization view them as successful. Planning communication and considering it as part of the arrangement process prevents the circulation of rumours in the work community and the emergence of prejudice. It is an important principle that communication does not include information about the individual’s health. Instead, the focus should be on the organization's practices that promote work ability.

The following principles should be taken into account when planning communication:

  1. Discuss communication with the employee: What does the employee want to communicate to the work community regarding the situation?
  2. Object of communication: Who is affected directly or indirectly by the job accommodation?
  3. Content of communication: Which matters should be disclosed to those affected by the process, at what stage and in what way?
  4. Two-way communication: How can the perspective of those affected be taken into account in monitoring the process and evaluating its impact?
  5. How to record the experiences gained from job accommodation in the organization to be used in future activities?