1. Health and social services package for the working-age population

Health and social services for the working-age population are administere by various service providers. The service package for working-age people is combined of entities such as primary health care, specialist health care, occupational health care and social services. The goal is to provide the working-age population with the right kinds of care in the right places, with the proper scopes and in a timely manner. The co-ordination of health and social services for working-age patients in wellbeing services counties is important, so that the services are provided fluently and information travels efficiently between different health care and social service providers.

Co-operating to further enhance the working ability of the working-age population

In order to build a service package for working-age people, a few things are necessary to establish. The essential providers in the wellbeing services county must be recognized, the structure and the assignment of responsibility in the collaboration must be co-ordinated, and the shared practices between the different service providers must be developed to support the working ability of the working-age population. As there are many service providers in wellbeing services counties, occupational health care multiprofessional collaboration teams have been established in all counties. The team co-ordinates exporting occupational health care practices to the collaborations and the development of practices in wellbeing services counties.

Operators of the package of services for the working-age population

Occupational health care and its role in combining health care and work

Occupational health care is currently responsible for providing health care to approximately two million Finnish citizens. It is the only health care provider with a direct connection to workplaces. When problems in the working ability of a patient are noticed in other health care establishments, the patient should be redirected to occupational health care as soon as possible. Occupational health care specializes in supporting and estimating the patient's ability to work, therefore the patient should be diagnosed and treated in occupational health care. This also frees up resources in public health care.