Ability to change as a success factor

In the Ability to change as a success factor project, we study how workplaces have experienced changes in the operating environment, and what coping strategies they have chosen. We will survey, evaluate and further develop coping methods that strengthen organizations’ resilience for the future. Our goal is to promote the ability of SMEs and other organizations to endure prolonged and overlapping disruptions.
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Finnish workplaces have experienced unexpected changes in recent years, and workplaces have coped in very different ways. In general, we can say that workplaces that have actively carried out development measures, handle changes better than others. In this project, we identify and evaluate the operational models and solutions that have helped workplaces to cope with the challenges of the recent years. We will continue to develop operational models to enable workplaces to better adapt to unexpected changes in the future.

Data and methods

Experiences and solutions in SMEs and other organizations will be collected by interviews. We will also conduct workshops to further develop operational models and ways to promote resilience together with the participating organizations.

Results and impact

The project will produce two research publications and  some popular articles. In addition, we will organize two free-of-charge webinars detailing the results and insights of the project. As a final result, we will provide recommendations and methods for strengthening resilience in SMEs and other organizations.

Project group

Project Manager: 

Mervi Halonen, Senior Specialist

Study group:

Tuomo Alasoini, Research Professor

Miira Heiniö, Senior Specialist

Hanna Uusitalo, Senior Specialist

Anna-Leena Kurki, Senior Specialist

Antti Soikkanen, Senior Consultant

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Mervi Halonen

mervi.halonen [at]
+358 30 474 2483


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