Service development amidst change in the operating environment of occupational health services (PALMU)

The project involves determining the situation of service development related Kela-reimbursed occupational health services. The aim is to increase understanding of service development and opportunities for anticipating the impact of the changes in recent years on the implementation of services.
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In recent years, the operating environment of occupational health services has been facing challenges related to digitalisation, the coronavirus pandemic and the competitive situation, for example. The purpose of the project is to examine the service development of Kela-reimbursed occupational health operations in relation to these challenges. 

Data and methods

Changes, challenges and development needs related to Kela-reimbursed occupational health services will be determined and analysed through an interview study involving experts in the service development of occupational health services.

The usefulness, ease-of-use and development needs, in turn, will be analysed through a survey aimed at occupational health professionals, employee customers, employer customers and entrepreneurs.  

In addition to this, a workshop-based expert analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities related to Kela-reimbursed occupational health services will be produced, along with expert conclusions and suggested measures for developing Kela-reimbursed services.

Results and impact

The project results will be used to increase awareness and transparency in relation to the state of service development in occupational health services. It will also be possible to anticipate the impact of changes in the operating environment on the implementation of Kela-reimbursed occupational health services.

The results can be used for

  • designing and developing purposeful and customer-oriented occupational health services,
  • developing the implementation of occupational health services and occupational health cooperation, 
  • instructions related to occupational health services, and
  • decision-making related to the procedure for reimbursing the occupational health costs of employers. 

For more information about the project, please contact

Sari Nissinen

Sari Nissinen

project manager, chief specialist

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