How to promote diversity in recruitment?

The promotion of diversity in an organization begins with recruitment practices that take equality and non-discrimination into account. Implementing such practices is not difficult, but often requires challenging one's own ways of thinking and preconceptions.
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Recruitment practices that promote diversity

The benefits of diversity among employees can be achieved when management and the organizational culture support well-functioning diversity and inclusion.

The benefits of diversity, such as innovation and creativity, stem from differences and having a range of different perspectives. Of course, this also involves the risk of conflict, so in a diverse work community, it is worth investing in developing mutual trust. Creating an atmosphere that values diversity and a culture in which attitudes towards different views are constructive and approached with interest is essential. In an inclusive organization, everyone feels valued as themselves. Inclusion also means that everyone has equal opportunities to advance in their careers and to receive support to do so.

What means?

These recruitment practises are a result of the Manifold more – Leverage to the professional careers of immigrant background women -project.