Avoiding problems

Identifying and preparing for problems in the job accommodation process is worthwhile – difficulties can be overcome with good planning and preparation along with investing in interaction and the necessary support.

Please consider these potential issues when planning job accommodation:

  • Passing on information about workplace practices can be jeopardized in different risk situations, such as during recruitment and induction training or in changes at the workplace that involve everyone.
  • The employee's situation is not sufficiently well known at the workplace, due to the supervisor's busy schedule, for example.
  • There is talk about coping or an agreement about job accommodation during a performance appraisal, but the discussion does not lead to any measures.
  • This leaves the employee too alone in relation to their capacity. The sickness absences are one after another.
  • Co-operation is hampered by disagreements between management and occupational safety and health personnel.
  • The occupational health negotiation, carried out with the occupational health care, is delayed by months and the employee feels that they cannot influence the decisions.
  • There is envy and a lack of understanding in the work community regarding the employee whose work is accommodated.
  • A turn for the worse with the illness leads to a longer sickness absence. Partial disability pension is applied for and a work trial is planned, but there remains doubts if the person’s possibilities to continue in their own work was sufficiently looked into or not.
  • The employee does not receive adequate assistance in filling out forms and dealing with the authorities.
  • Altered work ability is not taken sufficiently into account in the work trial. The work tasks are too demanding and result in a new sickness absence.
  • When returning to work after the work trial, the employee's decreased work ability is not taken into account. They are on and off sick leaves, their work station changes and the employee receives no support from the work community or the supervisor. The employee is left to their own devices in applying to different location.
  • Changes in work are not taken into account upon returning to work. The employee is left alone to explore their work situation and new work phases.