Multidisciplinary assessment of work ability in occupational health care

The research project examines the current status of work ability assessment carried out in occupational health care, draws up minimum criteria for the assessment of work ability, and provides recommendations on measures to ensure deployment of the criteria.




Based on the data collected in the study, minimum criteria for the process, content, multi-disciplinarity, documentation and competence of the work ability assessment will be drawn up.  

The purpose is to harmonize work ability assessment nationwide to ensure equal service and support employees' timely return to work. 

Data and methods

The study is a cross-sectional study that employs surveys and interviews to collect data on the current state of work ability assessment. The study focuses on the various occupational health care parties in wellbeing services counties where the Työote operational model is implemented in at least one patient group along with representatives from pension insurance companies and Kela.

Based on the current state of work ability assessment, a panel of experts will draw up minimum criteria for different areas of work ability assessment (process, multi-disciplinarity, content, documentation and competence) and a recommendation for actions to be taken to make them available in occupational health care.  

The expert panel consists of representatives from pension insurance companies, Kela, employee organizations, employers' organizations, university professors in the field, the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health and representatives of various occupational health care professional interest organizations.  

Results and impact

A clear and consistent multidisciplinary assessment of work ability supports the assessment of an individual's ability to return to work, as well as timely and appropriate work ability support measures to facilitate the maintenance and restoration of work ability and prevent permanent inability to work. The minimum criteria would enable a more accurate assessment of the employee's work ability for detailing the employee's ability to cope at work. 

More information about the project

Marika Lassfolk

Project Manager, Senior Specialist

marika.lassfolk [at]
+358 30 474 3187

Research group

Marja-Leena Haavisto, occupational psychologist 
Sari Nissinen, Leading Specialist
Satu Soini, Chief Medical Officer 
Owe Österbacka, Senior Specialist 

Funded by

Funder of Work Research and Development and The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health 

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